Innovative coated films


Environment Care

Protection of the environment is one of our top priorities. We strive to provide ecological solutions in every aspect of our activity: our technologies, our products, safety and health of our employees as well as our customers. We are committed to making continuous improvement in the management of our environmental impact.

We invest only in environmentally friendly solutions and we put a lot of efforts to be a “green” partner for our customers.

In order to deliver our environmental vision we focus on the following issues:

  • we purchased the state-of-the art coater in 2012, which is a 100% water-based system
  • we deliver environmentally friendly products only – we do not use any solvents or any other aggressive substances at all
  • we focus on delivering efficiencies in energy and waste - our films are fully recyclable
  • we are safety-oriented -  we evaluate the risks, deliver safety through health and environmental protection concepts, making sure that they are implemented properly
  • we are concerned about distribution – we want to provide safe transport, safe handling and storage of our finished products. We want to achieve this through reliable logistics partners, global standards and an effective management

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